2 Wheel Self Balancing Electric Hoverboard

Where To Buy A Hoverboard

You can buy hoverboards from TrendyScooter.com directly or through any of our external market channels available on the "Find Us Online" page or via normal search. We maintain close relationships with our suppliers. This ensures that our customers can get access to parts to prolong the lives of their scooters. We also stock some of the best brands available.

Prices of Hoverboards

Cheap Hoverboards For Sale Can Be Dangerous

We look at manufacturers that use the best materials, like original LG, Samsung batteries ,,,. We have hesitated in going into the market of self-balancing electric scooters that had been known for high defect rates for sometime and which has now dropped to an market average defect rate of around 3%.

 All of our suppliers have dropped their defect rates to well below 0.7% with over 50,0000 sold products without safety accidents.

All our self balancing scooters are UL2272A, CE and CCC certified.


Follow link below for Safety and Information on Hoverboards and to Buy Safe Hoverboards

2 Wheel Self Balancing Electric Hoverboard